Aug 11, 1991

A comitiva do PSD viajou no navio Guaditur. Presença de Carlos Borrego, António Vairinhos, Isabel Mota, Albino Soares, Nuno Ribeiro da Silva, Macário Correia, Mira Amaral, Faria de Oliveira entre outras personalidades.

Apr 10, 1984

A GUADITUR, mais um dos (importantes) empreendimentos turísticos do Algarve, dedica-se a viagens de rio fazendo a carreira do Guadiana (entre Vila Real de Santo Antonio e Guerreiros do Rio). Só que esta empresa proporciona aos turistas e forasteiros, visitantes da região, viagens num «mundo de sonho» em que bordejando aquele bonito rio, podem ser observados exemplares da riquíssima fauna e flora.


About us

O barco TalinaKika

Founded in 1986, Riosul - Viagens e Turismo Lda  (RioSul - Travel and Tourism Ltd), has always been closely linked to Guaditur Lda, Sea Tour Activity created in 1976 by Renato José Rodrigues D'Oliveira, the main shareholder - manager of the two company 'sisters'.

Aiming to give greater continuity and support to a project, a pioneer in Portugal initiated the organization and operation of circuits and environmental adventures (in vehicles all-terrain and boat) in the river Guadiana and the Algarve interior, offering a different and alternative product to beach tourism in the Algarve which was always popular.


Primeiros Passeios de Jeep com UMM

After visiting places, meeting people and discovering traditional routes, the pioneer found the need of suitable transport for these routes and came with the idea of 4x4 Land Rover Jeeps circuits.

In 1991, the two companies have collaborated to launch a new type of product, hugely successful among national and foreign operators: the Mixed circuits (boats, jeeps, bicycles and walking tours) especially in the area of the Guadiana River where the companies have "Quinta do Rio", a tourist property with Rural characteristics which has benefited from its acquisition and throughout the years of numerous works on beautification.

In 2003, apart from the the already existing, RioSul launched new regular circuits and incentives, especially in the area of the Guadiana River and the Northeast of the Algarve.

A Actual Frota de LandRover Defender da RiosultravelA embarcação de Turismo Guaditur

With a fleet of 10 Land Rover jeeps, bikes and asphalt biking, canoes, a boat with maximum capacity of 150 people, RioSul and Guaditur dedicated themselves to promote a different Portugal, with routes/trails in various parts of the country, but especially in the area of ​​the Rio Guadiana, Alentejo and Algarve mountains.

Safari Club, Quinta do Rio, Guaditur, Eurocruises

In 2011, a merger of the two companies is held, named Riosultravel, Travel Agency and Tourist Activities Maritimo, Ltd.

Evolução dos Logotipos da Riosul e Guaditur



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