Aug 11, 1991

A comitiva do PSD viajou no navio Guaditur. Presença de Carlos Borrego, António Vairinhos, Isabel Mota, Albino Soares, Nuno Ribeiro da Silva, Macário Correia, Mira Amaral, Faria de Oliveira entre outras personalidades.

Apr 10, 1984

A GUADITUR, mais um dos (importantes) empreendimentos turísticos do Algarve, dedica-se a viagens de rio fazendo a carreira do Guadiana (entre Vila Real de Santo Antonio e Guerreiros do Rio). Só que esta empresa proporciona aos turistas e forasteiros, visitantes da região, viagens num «mundo de sonho» em que bordejando aquele bonito rio, podem ser observados exemplares da riquíssima fauna e flora.


Moorish Trail- Super 2 in 1

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Discover the real Algarve in our Land Rover 4x4 jeeps through the natural reserve, mountains and timeless villages. Visit the locals with their traditions. Visit organic farms and taste the natural and organic products from the Algarve.
Arriving in the beautiful “Quinta do Rio” with views of the Guadiana river and the village, cool down with a refreshing swim and drinks, before tasting our delicious barbecue that will be served with natural side dishes, aromatic herbs, regional white and red wine and other typical food from the area. Live music will create a cheerfull atmosphere.
After lunch, our cruise will start, navigating along the river Guadiana, the natural border between Portugal and Spain, enjoying the nature and relaxing on the sun terrace or refreshing in the bar of the boat salon. Live music on board.
The stops that are described above may be made in the morning or afternoon depending on the time of year.
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Reserve by phone, fax or email, and benefit from a discount of 6,00€ per adult, saying or typing the phrase :
"(2in1)Super Safari" - The real Algarve
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